Clear Aquarium is a professional business of Maintaining High Profile Aquariums in Austin TX with 20 years experience. We Install New Systems, Fish Sit and respond to Emergencies. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs consisting of weekly, bi weekly, monthly or a one time friendly visits.

We specialize in both Salt and Fresh water systems.

All Clear Aquarium visits will include the following:

  • Chemical assessment and adjustment to provide appropriate bio chemistry.
  • Clean exterior and interior aquarium surfaces.
  • Rake and siphon debris from gravel bottom.
  • Change chemical filtration media if needed.
  • Clean overflow filtration pads if needed.
  • Empty Protein Skimmer collection cup.
  • Clean covers and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits.
  • Remove and clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants, etc.
  • Check the inventory of food and replace if needed.
  • Check color, smell and temperature of water.
  • Top off water.
  • Visual check equipment, air and water flow.
  • Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming and breathing
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