Clear Aquarium Maintenance Pricing

You may have heard other aquarium service companies quote you an industry-wide standard fee for tank service of $0.95 per gallon. At Clear Aquarium the basic cleaning fee is reduced to $0.55/gallon with service starting from a minimum 100-gallon price to cover the costs associated with making a service call. Some representative basic cleaning rates:

Tank Size Up to: Per Visit:
100 Gallons-- basic service: $75.00
150 Gallons-- basic service: $85.00
200 Gallons-- basic service: 140.00
400 Gallons-- basic service: $250.00

Receive a month’s service FREE when you sign a minimum1-year service contract!

includes once monthly service with 20% water change, gravel/sand vacuum, full and thorough cleaning of algae from all aquarium glass/acrylic surfaces, cleaning/rinsing of readily accessible filters, sponges and pads, chemical testing of water/tank health diagnosis, re-fill of auto feeder, balance reef aquarium chemistry if needed, etc.

Second or Third and Fourth monthly visits (includes general system check/troubleshooting, glass/acrylic cleaning, water re-fill, and gravel/substrata raking):

Emergency and/or unscheduled visits: (minimum 1-hour charge for trip)

Regular weekday hours: $50.00/hr.
Weekend (Sat., Sun., and Holiday),
night (post-7 pm),
early morning (pre-8 am) hours:

Decretive Coral cleaning (bleaching and rinsing):

Small Amount (1-5 pieces): $15.00 
Med. Amount (6-10 pieces): $20.00
Large Amount (11+ pieces): $40.00

Other Services:

Clear Aquarium/Nu-Clear Filter Change: $15.00/filter change-out
Compact Canister Filter
(Fluval,Via Aqua, Eheim.Etc) Cleaning:
Activated Carbon (Filter Bags): Small (3x6 in.): $10.00/bag
Large (6x10 in.): $15.00/bag
Trace Mineral Additions
(necessary for reef systems only):
$0.15/net gallon treated
Salt mix: $2.10/gallon
Fresh RO: $0.60/gallon
Premium Clear Aquarium
Flake Food Mix:

Note: Clear Aquarium offers combination discounts and price flexibility to ensure competitive pricing and customer satisfaction!

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***Certain potential charges, including chemical/medicinal treatments- which vary depending on tank diagnosis and customer ability to apply- are not listed above.